About Agglomeration

The Agglomeration Process

In today’s world, focus has shifted towards convenience and health. With this, the market for agglomerated powders has been growing to meet these needs and provide powders that are more readily dissolved in cold water. Without the agglomeration process, powders are more apt to form lumps when added to water, resulting in an undesirable, uneven mixture.

OFP Ingredients team uses a patented Peebles System which provides a higher capacity, more efficient agglomeration resulting in consistent high quality products.

Our facility provides:

  • Two Peebles System lines to agglomerate a wide range of powders.
  • Four double ribbon blenders, providing ability to blend multiple ingredients.
  • Imparts minimal heat during processing, preserving quality and integrity of product
  • Particle’s larger surface area increases its mixability, producing a product of superior functionality.

With our systems and experience, our team can customize product characteristics to meet your specific needs!

Agglomeration of food powders is often referred to as instantizing, because of the improved rewetting characteristics of the agglomerated products.

Agglomeration Process

Benefits of

Agglomeration powders can offer many benefits from both the processing perspective to the consumers perspective including:

Processing Benefits

  • Consistent high quality product
  • Increased flowability
  • Reduced caking
  • Dust reduction
  • Better feeding and dispersion
  • Reduced product breakdown & loss

Consumer Benefits

  • Improved Solubility for instant food products
  • Improved mouthfeel and consistency in food products
  • Improved appearance
  • Easier to measure and dose